Nateesha Stream's new single gaining attention

Reggae singer Nateesha Stream is currently riding a wave of success with a cover version of Angela Bofill's classic R&B hit 'Tonight I Give In'. 

The song, which was produced by Hopeton Brown, Oliver Millwood and Franz Richards for the Nyah Bless Music label, was released on August 15. 

Since then it has enjoyed tremendous airplay, both locally and abroad. The accompanying video came out on September 8 and has helped to bolster the song's growing popularity. 

"I've always known that I have the ability and the talent to make it, but I needed the help and support to make it happen. Thank God, Nyah Bless Music has discovered my talent and have decided to give me the professional guidance and support I need," said Nateesha, who is the niece of legendary dancehall artiste Tiger. 

The rhythm for the song was created at the BMR Studio in Philadelphia.  

Dean Frazer's scintillating saxophone phrasings add a rich flavour to the soul rendition of the song, which was originally recorded and released in 1983.  

The CEO of Nyah Bless Music, Hopeton Brown, said the label has very high hopes for the artiste.  

"Nateesha Stream is very talented, we are thrilled to be working with her; she has a very bright future in the music business," he said.

I n 1983, American Rhythm & Blues singer Angela Bofill peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Black Singles chart with Tonight I Give In.  

Last month singer Nateesha Stream released a cover produced by Nyah Bless Music label. 

The Kingston-based Nateesha Stream has been singing for over a decade. She spoke about her rendition of the Bofill hit which has been generating a huge buzz on radio. 

“This is a result of prayer. I always knew I had the ability and was destined for greatness. All I needed was someone who believed in me, and along came Nyah Bless,” Nateesha Stream told Splash. 

Hopeton Brown, CEO of Nyah Bless Music, is excited about the feedback from the song and the interest in Nateesha Stream. 

“I am very excited about Stream's accomplishments in the short time we have been working with her. Stream is a huge talent that can revitalise this industry. She has several songs to be released, but our focus now is Tonight I Give In,” she said. 

Born Nateesha Irving, Stream is no stranger to music. Her uncle is famed 1980s deejay Tiger. She was a member of the female groups DA-NA-TE and Rastarines.

 Her credits include background work on Gyptian’s My Name is Gyptian album. 

In 2008, she recorded songs for the House of Hits label including Fuss Nor Fight, In the Ghetto, Sisters and Holding On. 

—By Kevin Jackson