STREAM - 1.) Steady flow of water or other liquid. 2.) Moving continuously in a line or particular direction. A stream is a natural resource that flows from the Earth. It derives from a spring and journeys to the rivers whose ultimate destination is the wide oceans of the world. STREAM incorporates this philosophy into the creation of her music. She nurtures a thought, morphs it into a melodious blend of words, and delivers it to the hearts and minds of people. Since birth STREAM knew she was destined for greatness. 

With Nyah Bless Music at the helm, 2017 is progressing positively for the talented songstress. Nateesha STREAM is now recording in earnest, has completed a Reggae remake of Angela Bofill’s classic, "Tonight I Give In", a Gospel bombshell “My God” on the Nyah Bless produced Frivolous Nation rhythm; and a patriotic single “Come to Jamaica”. 

Armed with a diverse cache of influences that include Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Teddy Pendergrass and Alton Ellis; Nateesha Irving made her debut at the community level and joined the all female trio DA- NA-TE at Thirteen years old. A multi-talented artiste, “STREAM” had also experimented with acting and modeling but it wasn't until she recorded “My Friend” at eighteen that she realized her powerful voice and massive stage presence. A founding member of “The Rastarines”, she left the group after a few years, to pursue her solo career and was immediately thrust on both local and international stages. Major productions such as “East Fest”, “Reggae Sumfest”, “Rebel Salute”, “Western Consciousness”, “Sting” and the “Sister to Sister Media-thon” brought her rave reviews, while her introductions to Caymanians at the Royal Watler Port and Belizeans in Dangriga, cemented her reputation as a potential international powerhouse. 

Blessed with captivating beauty and a charismatic personality, STREAM has been flooding the industry with tunes that speak to her power and versatility. Nyah Bless Music, her management company, is also waging an aggressive promotional campaign and the news that her debut album “ is in the works,” has excited industry moguls and fans. Currently on a roll with heavy rotation on local music channels and radio, Nateesha humbly articulates everything as “... a new beginning. New music, new style and new vibes.” Stream expounds that she had “...temporarily exited the music industry to fully assess [her] career and devise a fresh approach. Now I see clearly and fully understand that good management and vision is the key to success. I was born for this and my goal is to be a musical trendsetter!”